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GTA Online gets a brand new radio station and many new songs

In the new GTA Online expansion, not only did Dr. Dre and Anderson, Buck of Honor, but also Eminem.

GTA Online is getting a new and surprisingly big expansion soon. In addition to Franklin’s return, a brand new story mission, plenty of standout support, and many new songs await. Among other things, we can look forward to a completely new radio station, but there are also exclusive songs by Dr. Dre, ScHoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs, and others. Here you can find information about the GTA Online expansion contract.

GTA Online: new radio music, time, content and more about the story mission contract

This is what it’s about: In a successful surprise, it was announced a few days ago that there is a new mission for GTA 5 and GTA Online. It’s called The Contract and brings back GTA 5 hero Franklin, among others, but also hip-hop mogul Dr. know. We will have to find the smartphone again because it contains unreleased music that should not fall into the wrong hands. You’ll find more about it here:

GTA 5 Surprise: GTA Online mission brings Franklin back


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GTA 5 Surprise: GTA Online mission brings Franklin back

When will the contract come? It won’t be long now, tomorrow, December 15th, you can start. The exact time has yet to be determined: but at 11 AM CET, the new content of the weekly updates is usually always available. It can, of course, be changed due to the size of the update, but so far there are no official announcements.

Does it cost anything? No, the contract is a free update for GTA Online.

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Is this single player content? Not really, this is an update of GTA Online multiplayer mode. You can still play it alone or exclusively with friends, as was the case with Cayo Perico Heist.

It’s all there: Various new content is launched with the contract:

  • New assignment about Franklin and Dr. know
  • Other duties of the Franklin Agency
  • new weapons
  • new vehicles
  • new music
  • Brand new radio station

You can actually watch a trailer here:

GTA Online Trailer introduces new story update with The Contract


GTA Online Trailer introduces new story update with The Contract

Music has it all: In addition to the seemingly overarching story mission, there’s also plenty of new music playing. These are completely new and exclusive songs as well as old tracks now finding their way into the game. Anderson Buck, Freddy Gibbs, d. Dre, Eminem and many more (via RockstarIntel).

New radio station MOTOMAMI Los Santos is also finding its way into the open world of GTA Online and GTA 5. But Los Santos Radio and West Coast Classics channels are also reviewed. rock star It already reveals some paths. employment Kotaku You’ll find a list that’s supposed to show all the songs, but there’s still no trace of Eminem and there’s also the classic “Next Episode”, which is already included in the game.

What do you think of the newcomers, what do you look forward to most and what else do you wish for?