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Haavisto: A “difficult decision” to get close to the Russians – Good morning, world

Haavisto: A “difficult decision” to get close to the Russians – Good morning, world

Last night, Finland closed the borders to all Russians traveling on tourist visas.

Thus, the last easy way to the European Union disappeared for the Russian people.

This decision enjoys great support among the Finnish population – but at the same time it means that it will be more difficult for Russians who want to avoid mobilization in the armed forces.

I took the last chance at the border

This was our last chance, I didn’t think we’d make it in time, says Artem as his weary children make noises and pull his legs.

Cold rain hangs in the air and in the dark night the lights of the Valima border station shine like a beacon in the forest. In just half an hour, tourist visas from Russia will no longer be valid for those Russians who want to enter Finland, and the queue on the other side of the border barrier is slowly moving.

Haavisto: Bad decision

The Finnish government justifies its decision by saying that many Russian participations risk disrupting Finland’s relations with other countries.

It is always difficult to impose such restrictions, Finnish Foreign Minister Säger Pekka Haavisto.

The decision is called historical in the Finnish media – as if the last shred of normality in relations between neighboring countries is now disappearing.

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