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Half the government is allowed to go to Estonia

Half the government is allowed to go to Estonia

Seven ministers lost their jobs. All of them belong to the country’s Center Party, which is the smallest party in the country’s coalition government.

The request was submitted by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, a member of the Estonian Reform Party, and was approved by the country’s president on Friday.

The reason must be several weeks of political deadlock. Among other things, the education bill was voted on with the coalition party voting against the government and with the far-right opposition party ECR instead.

The country also has the highest inflation rate in the eurozone – 19 percent.

Kallas is now calling for new talks on forming a government and for a deal because of security concerns with neighboring Russia.

The parliament includes 101 seats, the Islah Party has 34 members and the Center Party has 25 members.

The Estonian Reform Party proposed a coalition with the conservative right-wing “Ismaa” party and the Social Democrats. In the nearly three decades since Estonia declared its independence from the Soviet Union, the Center Party and the Reform Party have alternated in power in the country.

Eight ministers are now left in the government. Until a new coalition is formed, they will hold other ministerial portfolios.

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