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Japończyk Kazunori Takishima wydał na 100 biletów na różne wydarzenia olimpijskie w Tokio blisko 40 tys. dolarów. Jest załamany po decyzji, jaką podjęli organizatorzy zakazując kibicom - z powodu pandemii Covid-19 - wstępu na areny igrzysk.

He spent 40,000 on tickets. Dollars. He will watch the Olympics on TV

Japanese Kazunori Takishima has issued nearly 40,000 tickets for various Olympics in Tokyo. Dollars. He was devastated after the organizers’ decision to ban fans – due to the Kovit-19 epidemic.

Kasunori Takishima, 45, has been saving tickets and saving money for years. He believed that history can be found in the most Olympic matches.

He also hoped that his name would be included in the Guinness Book of World Records – he had already seen 106 events, and tickets to 28 matches in Tokyo would set him a record (134). The current record in this category is 128.

However, his dreams were dashed as soap bubble.

I did not sleep (after the end – ed) until three o’clock in the morning. Absolute emptiness and amazement. I even like to cry because it reduces stress Takisima 45-year-old said.

A Tokyo man who runs a real estate office has never been interested in sports in his life. Spark ignited in her the feelings of a random visit to a skating competition. The mysterious sound of “scraped” snow drove him to Turin in 2006 for a winter game. Since then, he has not missed any Olympics, not even winter or summer.

By participating in the Olympic Games as a spectator, I really get. Most important to me are the actual reactions of the athletes. Their tears – joy, but failures are real. Considering these figures, I would like to work hard at my job, and I want to enjoy my life more – he said.

Organizers of the games insist that Takishima, like other fans, will recoup the money they spent on tickets.

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