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Helsinki stops serving meat | GP

in a press release It is written that the decision will be implemented from the beginning of the year and is part of the city’s climate initiative.

Today, catering is served at various meetings, seminars, workshops and other public events. Now, however, they want to invest in providing more environmentally friendly food by eliminating meat, stopping the use of disposable cutlery and serving drinks from jugs rather than distributing individual drink bottles.

Exceptions to the new guidelines can be made during visits by high-ranking people or at events organized by the mayor or other members of the city’s top management. However, there must be good reasons for exemption from the policy.

Criticizes the decision: “I have a diet: meat”

This decision sparked strong reactions, as the Finnish newspaper wrote Hovodstadsbladet.

Member of Parliament Mikko Karna of the Finnish Center Party wrote on Twitter that he would no longer take part in the city’s events.

“I will no longer participate in any Helsinki city events and will not promote Helsinki in any way until this changes. I have a diet: meat.” wrote on Twitter.

The city’s deputy mayor, Nassima Razmiar, of the Finnish Social Democrats, praised the decision but criticized the possibility of exempting the city administration from the policy.

“Helsinki’s decision to drop meat at city events is responsible. However, the exception for “high-level” events is not justified. The same measure should be applied across the board,” she wrote on Twitter.

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