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Herbs and prayers no longer help

The government has sought to underestimate the risk since the outbreak began, after three days of government prayers in June last year, saying the country is now without a corona. People should pray and trust only local medicine, President John McFulli advised his citizens.

Vaccines from the West are also completely ineffective, masks are ineffective and no locking measures are required. The Minister of Health can be seen on television making a “anti-corona drink” from the fruit. Makufuli died in March – probably from Kovil. It is not yet known whether his successor and first African president, Samia Zuluhu Hassan, will continue on his path or take action against the virus. Time will tell later: Africa needs to get its vaccines ready soon. The basis for this is an agreement between the African Union and the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson for a total of 400 million doses.

Most of it is said to be made in South Africa. Vaccine factories will also be set up in Africa by Russia and China in the coming months. At this point it becomes clear that “Govit Organics” will not help against the virus.

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