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Historic coalition government in South Africa |  SVT News

Historic coalition government in South Africa | SVT News

During Friday, it became clear that the ANC would lead the country with the Democratic Alliance.

The two parties were previously seen as rivals.

– At the last minute, an agreement was reached, before Parliament convened, says Johan Ribas, SVT's correspondent in Africa.

The first coalition government in South Africa

The parliamentary vote ended with 283 votes in favor of Ramaphosa. Julias Malema of the radical Economic Freedom Fighters party received 44 votes.

The ANC and Democratic Alliance are expected to rule the country along with the Zulu nationalist Inkhata Freedom Party and a number of smaller parties.

Ramaphosa in Parliament on Friday. picture: Jerome delay

A historic loss for the ANC

When the election results came in in early June, it was clear that Ramaphosa's party had held its worst election ever. With just over 40 percent of the vote.

The African National Congress has ruled the country since 1994, led by Nelson Mandela, among others. After this year's elections, the party lost its majority in parliament for the first time.

– It has been a landslide in South African politics with the ANC now losing its majority, says Johan Ribas.

The political future is uncertain

But the solution is far from controversial, and now pressure is increasing to solve the major problems plaguing the country's economy.

– There is a great risk that the situation will be very politically turbulent in the country. We hope this will increase transparency and increase efficiency,” says Ribas.