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Historic London club allows women – after 193 years

Published on 2024-05-07 21.57

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is a member of the Garrick Club.  Archive photo.

London's historic men's Garrick Club voted to admit women 193 years after the club was founded, The Guardian reported.

The voting took place after the magazine published a list of the 60 most influential members. The review found that the majority are white and over 50 years old.

Cast members include Benedict Cumberbatch and Brian Cox, Sting, King Charles and Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, as well as MPs, leading lawyers and heads of influential think tanks.

The vote – in which just under 60 percent voted in favor of female members – was preceded by a meeting in which several hundred members discussed the pros and cons of admitting women.

The club's management stated that it had been contacted by more than 200 members who threatened to leave the association if the vote was against women's membership.

The Garrick Club was founded in 1831 and is one of the last clubs of its kind that does not accept women.

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