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Hope is gone: now the missing submarine has run out of oxygen

It is estimated that the oxygen in the skiff lasts until 2pm on Thursday, Finnish time. If there were five people sitting in the darkness of the depths waiting for rescue, it might be in vain.

The 6.5-metre submarine went under the sea on Sunday – to visit the wreck of the Titanic – but appears to have had some sort of the same mishap. Just under two hours after departure, communication with the vehicle was lost.

No one knows what happened, or if the submarine was left unscathed.

The sounds of the roads gave hope

The only thing seen as possible signs of life are the ordinary sounds heard far from the surface of the sea, which could theoretically be knocking from inside the craft’s hull.

When five people sit in an enclosed space of this size, it has been calculated that the oxygen will last for about four days.

The tourist submarine Titan disappeared when it was about to dive into the wreckage of the Titanic, which lies at a depth of 3,800 meters off Newfoundland.

In recent days, search efforts have been intensified with the passage of time. But the ships that searched operated in an area roughly the size of the Gulf of Finland – where the sea can be as deep as 4,000 metres.

The US Coast Guard sent Hercules planes to inspect the sea surface at the site where the submarine sank, and the Canadian Coast Guard deployed planes using sonar-equipped buoys. On Thursday, the US Navy sent a special recovery ship that can lift objects weighing much more than a submarine, but that capability has yet to be used.

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Four men and a teenager

The five people who sank under the sea on Titan on Sunday were a Pakistani businessman, Shahzada Dawoodand his teenage son Suleiman DaoudBritish billionaire Hamish HardingAnd Stockton Rushfounder and director of the mini-submarine owner Oceangate, as well as French explorer and Titanic expert Paul Henry Nargolet.

Facts | titans

Titan is a type of underwater craft that cannot get to or from a port on its own. It relies on a vessel above the surface that lowers it, picks it up from the water, and directs it below the surface. The ship does not have its own navigation function.

It is approximately 6.5 meters long and can dive to a depth of 4,000 metres. In front, it was equipped with a 60 cm wide dome-shaped window with decimeter-thick laminated glass.

Passengers sit closely on two benches facing each other along the long sides.

The submarine is sealed from the outside, meaning that people on board have no possibility to exit the submarine themselves from the inside, should it reach the surface.

Source: TT