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How to activate the subtitle function in videos on Android and IOS

Twitter has introduced an option that allows you to activate and deactivate the so-called closed annotations, the access solution that will now be displayed in the mobile application, according to the user’s preferences.

Closed captioning is a type of subtitles that, in addition to transcribing the sounds that appear in the video, includes audio descriptions of the sounds to give more information to both people with hearing problems and those who prefer to watch videos with sound.

These subtitles, provided by video creators, can be disabled with a new key that the platform has introduced into iOS and Android apps, Twitter reported in its support account.

The converter will appear in the form of a button with the letters CC, in the upper right corner of the video. By clicking on it, the user will be able to activate or deactivate closed captions if they want to stop seeing them.

This novelty comes after the company first conducted testing on Twitter for iOS in April and later on Android. Its implementation allows users to have more control over this accessibility feature.

New post for long texts

On Thursday, June 23, Twitter announced a new function, Twitter Notes, which was previously known on the platform as Articles, that will allow the publication of more comprehensive content in an article-type format and will arrive “soon,” according to the social network. Itself.

This new feature was reported last February by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong. At the time, the feature was known as Twitter Articles, although its approach was the same as Twitter Notes.

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For its part, Twitter Notes will allow articles with rich text and multimedia support, which is a great novelty for this social network, according to this expert in May. To make this possible, the platform will provide a toolbar at the top with options similar to those of a blog editor, such as changing the font, inserting links or word count.

For more visual support, Twitter Notes will support posting in different formats to make articles more interactive and fun for users. There you can insert a GIF, a video, or up to four photos. In addition, in Twitter Notes, it will also be possible to insert tweets to feed the traffic on the platform. The expert also detailed a method that did not receive much attention; “Focus”, which is the expansion of the article so that it takes up the entire screen and hides the sidebars from the eyes of the user.

For his part, application researcher Nima Oji learned about the novelty and indicated last April that the Twitter Notes application will be able to save published articles and drafts, which can be accessed through an integrated interface.

Also, when publishing one of these articles on Twitter Notes, this expert researcher on digital platforms and in more depth on Twitter explained that the user can choose whether or not they want to automatically publish it in ‘Feed’, as well as do so in your circle or communities within the system Basic, a great feedback feature to get more impressions and views, with which Twitter also strives to increase user traffic with this new “Skin” blog.

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Twitter Notes articles can also be published within the social network itself by retweeting or by sending their link via direct message, which can be shared in the same way on other platforms, such as email.

Twitter notes will be available from the account owner’s profile right to the right of the “Tweets and Replies” section, as confirmed to specialist portal TechCrunch by

This proposal was introduced as an extension of the platform threads, which were introduced in 2017. Since then, they have become a popular tool that, at the same time, has led to the creation of “bot” accounts that unite all “tweets” in a thread in one space.