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How to Get DVB-T2 / HEVC Test Multiplex TVS MWE BCAST Channel List

How to Get DVB-T2 / HEVC Test Multiplex TVS MWE BCAST Channel List

Experimental multiplexes were created to prepare viewers to adapt to digital terrestrial television standards. From Monday, MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-4 will be broadcast nationwide on DVB-T2 / HEVC. Only the MUX-3 (with major TVP channels) and the MUX-8 work up to standard. Jacek Oko, head of the Office of Electronic Communications, made the recommendation a month after June 27 this year. Experimental multiplexes lose their meaning. Later, his spokesman clarified that permission could be granted if there was free bandwidth at a particular location. For example, these were obtained by Televija Polska, which was previously allowed to broadcast in the old standard by the UKE by the end of 2023. At selected locations, TVP may conduct test broadcasts until May 22, 2023. With MUX testing, TVP broadcasts: TVP3 Warszawa HD, TVP Kultura HD, TVP Entertainment HD, TVP Document HD and TVP Female HD.

Will the test multiplexes of private stations disappear?

On June 26, the trial multiplex TVS completed its operations on Katowice (TVS, Radio Silesia, TV Republika, Polsat HD, TV Okazje). Silesian TV received approval 10 months ago. In May, the UKE allowed the multiplex to air for one month only. – As per UKE’s decision on June 26, 2022, we advise that the TVS channel not be available on terrestrial television. The broadcaster said on social media that we are available on digital sites and cable networks.

BCAST, a company affiliated with Polsat, may be in a similar situation at some point (Polsat HD, Nowa TV HD, TV Republika, EWTN Polska, TV Okazje, Stars.TV, TV Its emission permit for Wrocław expires on June 26 in Gdańsk on July 5, and information about Warsaw is not included in the UKE list. The MWE Group’s license to test on Szczecin expires on June 27 (Filmax, Junior Music, Nuta Gold, Nuta.TV, Power TV, Stars.TV, Ukraina24, XtremeTV).

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KRRiT will decide the future of test MUXs

The results of the experimental multiplexes depend on the outcome of consultations between the media and telecom regulators. – As for the test multiplexes, we are currently asking the National Broadcasting Council if it sees any suggestions for further implementation of test MUXs. – Witold Tomaszewski, UKE Acting Spokesperson.

The National Broadcasting Council has announced that it will comment on this in the coming days. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In early December, Wittold Kolodziski, chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, approached UKE President Jacek Oko with a plan to switch television channels from the VHF (MUX-8) band to the UHF band. Goes to the requirements of VHF Radio Digitalization (DAB +). No decision has yet been made on the matter. Consultations on multiplexes of test business outlets can take a long time.