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Huawei Watch 3 comes with HarmonyOS and eSIM

Huawei Watch 2 was launched in 2017 with Google Wear OS. Since then, the company has focused on the Watch GT series, which run its own program. It looks like now is the time for a sequel. According to a Weibo leak, Huawei Watch 3 will be unveiled in May. Of course, Google Wear OS won’t work on it either. Interestingly, however, LiteOS is also not used, as is the case with the GT series.

Huawei Watch 3 HarmonyOS

Instead, HarmonyOS is used with an all-new UI. Additionally, more third-party apps are supported, a feature the GT Series currently lacks. The Huawei Watch 3 is also said to focus more on AI functions and may have a shorter battery life than the Watch GT 2. The user interface differs from the HarmonyOS wearable demo that Huawei introduced in September last year. At the very least, the design language for icons varies.

Like Watch 2 Pro, Huawei Watch 3 will connect to the Internet via eSIM. This should also be one of the reasons why battery life is shorter than that of the GT Series offline. The Watch 3 also provides WeChat support with the ability to respond directly from the smartwatch. Watch 3 can record audio and send it directly or convert it to text in advance.

Another HarmonyOS postponed to June – the Huawei P50. The Watch 3 could also be presented at a major event marking the launch of the first devices with Huawei’s OS.