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Hungary slams: ‘condemns in the strongest possible terms anti-LGBT law’

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning “the new Hungarian anti-LGBTQ law as a clear violation of fundamental rights”.

“Condemns in the strongest possible terms the new Hungarian anti-LGBT law and the collapse of democracy and the rule of law in the country,” statement.

– We are very frank, we condemn the team of Viktor Orban and the latest team of Hungary. Swedish EU parliamentarian Alice Bah Konke (Member of Parliament), who co-wrote the resolution, says a law moving away from an already very bad situation would make it difficult to live as an LGBT person in Hungary.

Today, Thursday, a new law comes into force in Hungary, which prohibits media coverage of LGBT people on television before 10pm. Reporting of LGBTQ issues in school teaching is also not permitted.

The resolution was approved by 459 votes to 147 no, with 58 abstentions. All members of the Swedish parliament voted in favor of the decision, except for the Swedish Democrats, who believe it is something that will be decided at the national level.

LGBTQ organizations prepare

now calls for all available means to take action, for the European Commission to act and calls on EU states to refer the matter to the European Court of Justice if the Commission takes no action; They also want to cut the funds from the EU budget unless Hungary backs down.

Alice Bah Konke was in contact during the day with Dombos contact from Hungary’s largest LGBTQ organization.

– In Hungary, they are preparing to support people and follow legal action for teachers who will continue tomorrow and Monday to teach children about the equal value of all, even if they are LGBT and can be interpreted as violating the new law.

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Hear LGBTQ activist Luca Dudits talk about the increasingly difficult situation in Hungary. picture: SVT / TT

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