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Hurricane Otis devastated Acapulco – came out of nowhere

Published on 2023-10-27 21.05

Experts didn’t even think Otis would reach hurricane strength.

Instead, it became the strongest hurricane Mexico has ever seen.

27 people died as the storm moved over the tourist paradise of Acapulco.

On Monday evening, Acapulco residents and meteorologists thought Wednesday’s weather would bring “gusty winds and some heavy rain.”

Tropical Storm Otis will only gradually strengthen as it makes landfall.

But within just 12 hours, the storm developed into a Category 5 hurricane, the highest category that can carry catastrophic danger.

Acapulco, Mexico, on Thursday.

Debris flew all over the city

Shortly after midnight Wednesday, local time, the hurricane made landfall in Acapulco. There were sustained winds of over 73 meters per second.

The strength of the winds can be compared to Storm Gudrun, one of the worst storms Sweden has ever seen. At that time, wind speeds were at most 42 meters per second.

The devastation was massive at the Mexican resort. Roofs of houses and hotels were torn off, and streets were flooded with water. Large trees were uprooted and debris was scattered throughout the city.

27 people died after the storm arrived.

according to Reuters Many hospitals were flooded and patients were evacuated to safer areas.

The hurricane prevented rescue workers and military aid from reaching the city until late Wednesday.

At least 27 people have died. Four are missing.

“A total failure”

An error in the forecast means that no one can prepare for the storm.


Shocked meteorologists at the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) described what happened as a “nightmare” as they saw wind speeds reaching Category 5 strength.

Scientists link the storm’s record intensification as an effect of human-caused climate change CNN And Washington Post.

A road sign fell on top of a car in Acapulco on Wednesday.