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I miss Alex’s first words after returning home |  the world

I miss Alex’s first words after returning home | the world

In September 2017, Briton Alex Batty, then 11 years old, went on holiday to Spain with his mother Melanie Batty and grandfather David Batty.

His grandmother, Susan Caruana, who has custody of him, did not attend. When the boy disappeared, she said she suspected Melanie and David had kidnapped him for an alternative lifestyle in Morocco, reports said. BBC.

Alex Batty has been missing for six years. But on Wednesday he was found.

The teenage boy, now 17, was walking alone along a country road on the outskirts of Toulouse, France.

During his interrogation with police, he said that he had lived an itinerant life in France for the past two years. He lived with his mother most of the time. The maternal grandfather had died six months earlier.

The fact that he then set out on his own was because his mother wanted him to move to Finland, which he did not want.

First words at home

Alex Batty has received a lot of international attention, and of course made headlines in his native England.

When he landed in Manchester, many media outlets were on hand to hear his first official statement.

“I’m thrilled to be here for Christmas,” he told the Daily Mail.

British police said they would investigate Alex’s disappearance and find out if there was any suspicion of any crime being committed. The police explained that everything would happen at a pace that was comfortable for the boy.

“Our continued focus is, in collaboration with local actors, to support Alex and his family to ensure they are safe, receive care, and that his reintegration into society is as easy as possible,” police said, according to the Daily. mail.

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