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I wanted to bring LGBTQ programming to SD – published internally

This summer, Johan Nissinen, a member of the European Parliament for the Sweden Democrats, made an interesting statement about the new LGBTQ programme.

The plan was for the party to formulate the new policy, which has faced strong internal criticism, at the SD’s general meeting in November. But the program has now been withdrawn.

– We intend to return to the topic later, Johan Nissinen wrote in a comment to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

In August, Sweden Democrats MEP Johan Nissinen came out in several media outlets and announced that he had drawn up a 22-point program for the LGBT community, which he wanted the Sweden Democrats to come up with in the party days in November .

The idea, according to Nissinen, was for the program to become part of the party’s statute.

But Aftonbladet can now reveal that the program has been withdrawn and will not be covered even during state days.

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According to Johan Nissinen, the reason is that proposals regarding political programs may not be made during the party days of the country. Therefore, according to the SD member, it is a matter of formality.

– I know that suggestions about political programs cannot be added to the days of the country. “I did this to stir up controversy and to break the barrier on this issue,” Johan Nissinen wrote in a comment to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

Johan Nissinen (SD)

“Unite all Swedes under the same blue and yellow flag.”

Nisinin himself does not have the right to exercise on national holidays. Therefore, the plan was for the proposal to be put forward with the program by fellow party member Stefan Nylen, the group leader in Gislaved.

But now the proposal has been withdrawn instead.

Aftonbladet newspaper applied for Stefan Nylin, who refers to the party’s press department.

Aftonbladet participated in the hbtq program titled: “HBT+ is neither left nor right.” “It belongs to each one of us.”

“The Sweden Democrats want to unite all Swedes under the same blue and yellow flag, and that the LGBT+ community is neither left nor right, but belongs to all of us,” the report says.

The program faces severe internal criticism

Concretely, Nissinen proposes, among other things, that the party support the creation of a national center for LGBT people to provide care, more police officers in areas where sexual minorities move to increase security against hate crimes, and withdraw aid from countries they consider homophobic and transphobic.

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It also suggests a fast-track for transgender people who wish to be investigated for gender dysphoria.

Nissinen agreed to the latter proposal last summer, when he launched the idea for the program, but was then met with severe internal criticism. Among the critics was SD Kent Eckeroth.

“Stupid thing I’ve heard in a long time. Seriously – what do you do? There’s going to be a big ‘no’ vote on it on Country Days,” Eckeroth wrote on Twitter.

Nissinen has previously been criticized His party for not having any policy in the field of LGBTQ.

Johan Nissinen remains adamant that this issue has not been fully discussed.

– This is a dialogue that will continue between those concerned in the future, and we intend to return to the topic later.

Kent Ekeroth (SD), former Member of Parliament and now local politician in Dalarna.