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Important Report of the National Memory. This is about the Dmowskiego roundabout

On December 9, Warsaw councilors from the Civil Alliance voted to approve a petition to change the name of Dimovsky Roundabout to Women’s Rights Orbit. All PiS councilors voted against Independent Councilor Monica Zaruzelska and one KO Councilor.

Report by the National Reminder Institute

The report by Dr. Carol Nowroki, president of the Institute of National Remembrance, has been published on the Internet.

“I am shocked and surprised to hear that the Warsaw Council has approved a petition to change the name of the Timovsky Roundabout to the Women’s Rights Orbit. Roman Dimovsky was a great politician and one of the fathers of Polish independence. Through his diplomatic, political and press work, he made a significant contribution to the restoration of Poland’s independence in 1918.

The name of this place still in use is a perfect reminder of Roman Dimovsky’s activities. He can not miss a worthy place on the map of the Polish capital, as well as Piłsudski, Daszyński, Witos and many others.

The attempt to rename the Roman Dimovsky Roundabout as the Women’s Rights Roundabout bears witness to the entanglement of history in the current political struggle. The actions of this politician helped to build the Polish state and democracy. He deserves to be evicted from such an important place in Warsaw.

As head of the National Reminder Agency, I strongly oppose such actions by Warsaw councilors, ”we read in the statement.

The resolution may become legally flawed

On Friday, KO councilors forgot a detail. The prosecutor’s office points out that key elements related to the entire procedure for changing the name of the street were not in the resolution. According to, there is no information on the reasons for changing the current name and the justification for choosing the street name.

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At the behest of the District Attorney in Warsaw, proceedings were instituted to explain the nature of the attorney’s participation in the administrative proceedings.

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