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Instagram brings back previews of links shared on Twitter

Instagram re-previews links to posts shared on Twitter, so users on Twitter can actually preview the content behind the Instagram link.

It was in 2012 when Instagram removed previews of shared linksWhich led to automation platforms like IFTTT or Zapier launching their own solutions that allow adding a preview to Instagram links shared on Twitter.

from XDA Developers They point to it Implementing link previews is easy, requiring only a few lines of HTML codeEven though they’ve chosen not to do it from Instagram for the past few years, they understand it Previews reduce the number of clicks on them, and therefore the amount of data you can collect.

It appears that they have already changed their minds and brought back previews of links shared on Twitter, as is the case with links shared to posts on other social media platforms.

To all this we must add that the main services of Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc, have lost the trust of users for some time to the point that Instagram It has ceased to be the platform of choice for the youngest, which is an aspect contrary to what Meta wants with Facebook, to look for a trend that will allow younger users to come in again.

According to the Instagram statement:

They said that would never happen…Twitter card previews start today.

Now when you share an Instagram link on Twitter, a preview of that post will appear.

Perhaps with the return of previews they can understand that they were wrong in their approach, and more so when the platform tries to fight back until Reels, integrated into the private Instagran app, gets a hole in the short video clip in the face of the unstoppable progress of TikTok.

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