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Irony of the meeting. The picture from the pharmacy: sad

Published on 2023-10-22 22.32

It is a brave crowd that has settled on the pharmacy shelves.

One of them is “more boring than anyone else in the history of mankind.”

These are difficult times for Donald Trump’s rivals.

Only one has a lot of tailwind.

Former Vice President Mike Pence may have won over a few new voters in his long-shot bid for the White House in 2024.

But he was subjected to even greater ridicule after campaigning at the local Ben Darragh pharmacy in Sidney, Iowa.

He mocked the campaign image

The image of Pence standing with his wife in front of greeting cards and stuffed animals and speaking to a sparse, aging and, in some cases, half-asleep crowd was widely ridiculed on social media.

On what is now called X, people write, among other things:

“Mike Pence is married to nearly a tenth of the public.”

“His performance makes the Swedish Transport Administration’s waiting room seem captivating by comparison.”

“When your 15-minute wait comes after being vaccinated with the worst artist in the world.”

“No one is bored anymore”

And about the man who seems to have almost fallen asleep:

“No one in the history of mankind has been more bored and uninspired than this man.”

And so on and so on.

Political website Politico followed Pence During the meet round in Iowa. Their view of his attempt to become the next president of the United States isn’t much more lofty:

“Mike Pence’s sad, shrinking mid-campaign”

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At the pharmacy, a Politico reporter spoke with Dave Heywood, 66, who attended the meeting with a Pence poster taped to his chest.

Don’t want to be rude

Heywood says that despite the poster, he is “not necessarily” a supporter of the former vice president.

But he got it from a campaign staffer and didn’t want to be rude.

-Very nice guy, he could agree According to Politico.

Pence’s tour comes at the same time that most of those trying to challenge Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee in the 2024 elections are receiving sad news.

A new national poll by Emerson College Polling among Republican primary voters shows, among other things, that Ron DeSantis, who was seen as Trump’s main challenger, has now dropped to eight percent. writes Newsweek.

Mike Pence.

tough times

This is a reduction from the previous reduction. Last month he got 12 percent, which was disappointing even at the time.

Others are smaller. Trump critic Chris Christie received four percent, and Vivek Ramaswamy and Mike Pence received three percent.

Meanwhile, Trump’s numbers have not changed. He is the only one with double-digit opinion numbers at 59 percent.

But there is one small exception to the dreary walk in the dark of at least one person who wants to challenge Trump.

This and other polls show that former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has become stronger since the first televised debates.

Only Donald Trump has double-digit approval ratings.

Don’t give up

She is now tied with DeSantis by eight percent, up five percentage points from last month.

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At least Pence isn’t giving up.

– The media has already decided how this will end. But as you all know, Iowa has a unique opportunity to give our party and our country a fresh start, he says According to Politico.

He gave the speech to 13 people at Pizza Ranch in the Red Oak community.