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Is it true that the Finns and the SFP are in the same government? Henrickson: The outcome of the negotiations will determine whether we join

Chairman of the coalition party Petrie Orbo Trying to form a right-wing government. Orpo invited the Real Finns, the Swedish People’s Party and the Christian Democrats to government negotiations.

Such a four-party government would have 108 seats in the Swedish Parliament and thus a majority. He would also respect the results of the elections, in which the two main right-wing parties clearly led.

Orbo announced his decision on Thursday afternoon. His first choice of coalition was expected because these four parties should have a relatively easy time reaching a consensus on how to balance public finances and rein in debt, which Orpo has described as the main challenge to providing welfare.

However, fundamental differences of opinion remain between these four parties in their views on, among others, immigration, EU issues, international cooperation, minorities and the environment. In general, there are tensions between the liberal-minded SFP and the true Finnish national conservatives.

However, the majority in the Swedish parliamentary group is ready to start negotiations with the real Finns.

Urbu says there are differences between the two parties, but:

Nothing has to be expensive.

Orpo says the SDP is caught up in the measures it is preparing to secure welfare.

Awareness of the crisis was not at the same level.

Another dividing line runs in climate policy, with real Finns almost certainly opposing all measures necessary for Finland to become climate-neutral by 2035.

– We adhere to the 2035 goal in a way that strengthens the Finnish economy, says Urbu.

Actual government negotiations will begin in earnest next week. If the parties cannot compromise on all core issues or if the alliance lacks the necessary internal confidence, Orpo is forced to rethink and invite a different composition for negotiations.

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Orpo’s goal is to be able to present a government agreed joint program in June.

Rica Peora (Snaf) says that no details have been agreed upon, but that all parties are committed to achieving an effective majority government.

– There are no major differences of opinion that we could not negotiate, says Bora.

Even immigration policy, and then reconciling the almost opposing positions of real Finns and SFPs, is, according to Bora, “a matter of negotiation”.

SFP Head Anna Maja Henrickson He says that a large majority of the Swedish parliamentary group is ready to start negotiations, with the exception of Eva Beaudet. According to Henrikson, this is necessary so that the outcome of the negotiations and the government program is as good as possible for Finland.

– But it is quite clear that it is the outcome of the negotiations that determines whether we join the government or not, says Henrikson and talks about the need for growth, employment and bilingualism.

Henriksson doesn’t want to get into how much the SFP is willing to concede, for example, on labor or humanitarian immigration issues, but says Finland must abide by international agreements.

Henriksson has previously said that the SFP does not join a government that practices real Finnish politics. She says she is confident that the two parties will be able to agree on a program that respects, among other things, the need for labor migration.

Sari Sayeh He says KD is ready for government negotiations at the presidential palace from Tuesday. For the Kuwaiti Dinar, it is important to save social welfare services by balancing financial resources and ensuring that the business becomes more profitable.

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