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Israel simulated a massive attack on Iran.  Hundreds of planes were taken into the sky |  World News

Israel simulated a massive attack on Iran. Hundreds of planes were taken into the sky | World News

Hundreds of Israeli planes, including. Troops and tanks set off from various parts of Israel on Wednesday night and headed for Cyprus – website says Jerusalem Post. These units simulated attacks on targets far from the country’s borders, including Iran. The exercise is part of a monthly maneuver known as the “Thurs of Fire”, the largest in the country’s history and involving thousands of soldiers and bodyguards.

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Help Ukraine. 1.3 million cargoes were shipped from Canada to Europe, including M777 howitzers.

If the nuclear talks between the West and the Islamic Republic fail, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is expected to seriously consider a number of military options against Iran, according to the website. During the exercises, one of the possible variants of this type of activity was implemented.

– Exercises are an important component in maintaining the IDF’s readiness for various operational situations – emphasizes the representative of the Israeli military, quoted by the Jerusalem Post website. The article says that Israel has significantly increased its readiness and has taken several steps over the past year to prepare the military to attack Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

“Israel will retaliate strongly against anyone who threatens the citizens of the state.”

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kantz and IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi visited Cyprus on Wednesday and met with orders from the local National Guard. Gantz stressed that the military maneuvers involving Cypriot soldiers also show the “depth of the strategic alliance”.

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“We’re talking about one of the biggest exercises in recent years,” Kants said. He said the Israeli military would “retaliate strongly against anyone who threatens the state’s civilians.”