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“It could be worse than it was after Hans.”

“It could be worse than it was after Hans.”

Heavy rains on Sunday triggered floods and landslides in parts of Norway.

“This is a very dangerous situation that could lead to widespread consequences and damage,” the authority wrote. NVE (Directorate of Water and Energy in Norway).

According to Ellen Langsholt, a hydrologist at NVE, the Drammen River will be badly damaged by the heavy amounts of rain.

– In Ringerike, Tyrifjorden and Randsfjorden the rate is rising, and will continue to do so. It will peak on Monday or Tuesday, says Ellen Langsholt Daily newspaper.

On Sunday evening, the NVE sent out a red flood warning to several municipalities located around Drammensälven.

“There is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast, but it is likely that the water level at Mjondalen Bridge will be higher than it was after severe weather in the Hans earlier in August,” Drammen municipality wrote on its website.

“It is important not to underestimate the risks”

It is clear that the mayor of Drammen, Monica Myhrvold-Berg, must understand the seriousness of water bodies.

It is important that no one underestimate the dangers of flooding and do what they can to protect their property and themselves, says Monica Myhrvold-Berg.

The flood protection along the Drammen River is designed to handle the fjord’s water level rising 3.5 meters above normal, which Monica Myhrvold-Berg hopes will be enough.

But we can’t ignore the risk of water bodies rising beyond the level that flood protection can handle, Berg says.

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