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It is stupid to support farmers and not climate activists

Siege is connected – there is no food on the dead land

The highway from southern France to Paris is blocked by farmers

Why should farmers close highways, but not climate activists? This is a question you can ask yourself.

One might also wonder why the Sweden Democrats name climate activists who stick to highways VandalsWhile the party's relatives sit in tractors and do exactly the same thing?

The farmers' rebellion is largely due to the fact that they earn too little and that EU regulations are too complex. Right-wing extremists are now trying to exploit this. Fittingly, this is a few months before the EU elections.

SD connection

Former host of SD Rex News Media, Dutch singer Eva Vlaardingerbroek, is one of the leading figures in the peasant uprising that has now spread from the Netherlands to the rest of Europe. Vlaardingerbroek not only participated in the protests in the Netherlands, but was also a spokesman for the movement.

In France, Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Rally party, supported the farmers' blockade. The European Union meeting held last week in Brussels was also marred by protests that led to the throwing of eggs and the burning of bales of straw.

Guess who was standing there supporting the activists, no sorry, I mean the farmers? Right-wing populist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Environmental legislation is stalled

The protests have been successful across Europe. like Eric de la Reguera writes for Dagens Nyheter France will now halt the decision to halve the use of pesticides in agriculture by 2030. President Macron has also convinced the EU that the requirement to save four percent of farmland for biodiversity should not be mandatory for EU support.

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The fact that insects, animals and even farmers will be negatively affected by the pesticide is ignored. Just like small farmers who want to switch to more sustainable agriculture.

A lesson for Sweden

We will see a tractor blockade on the E4 LRF Chairman Palle Borgström says on the agenda This is unlikely to happen, although Swedish farmers are also facing difficult times.

Here Sweden must learn a lesson from the riots in Europe. It is absolutely essential that we have a stable food supply and farmers who can survive from their work. As much as we have living nature.

There is no food on dead earth.

Right-wing populists supporting farmer blockades while punishing climate activists is not just arbitrary. It's stupid.