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It’s not enough – the world is getting 2.4°C warmer

Countries around the world must raise their climate ambitions in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. At the moment, warming indicates 2.4 degrees, and a new assembly also appears.

At the same time nearly 200 countries are fully negotiating at the United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow, Climate Analytics is presenting its annual report in the region’s giant press conference room.

It’s fine for politicians to claim they have net zero emissions goals, but if they don’t have plans for how to get there, and their 2030 goals are as low as many of them are, that’s really just nonsense and no real one. Climate Action, says Bill Hare, head of Climate Analytics, one of the organizations behind the aggregation.

Glasgow has a serious credibility problem.

Doing more to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement

The aggregation shows that global warming is approaching 2.4 degrees at the end of the century. The goal of the Paris Agreement is to keep temperature rise below 2 degrees and preferably 1.5 degrees.

All countries should seriously consider what they can do more, says Professor Niklas Hoon at the press conference.

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The report shows that if all the commitments made by countries, including those made in Glasgow, are taken into account, global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 would still be twice what is needed to reach the 1.5 degree target.

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In addition to the national climate plans submitted by countries to the COP26 climate summit, a number of different initiatives were signed during the first week of the summit, for example to reduce deforestation and reduce methane emissions and a group of countries also want to phase out coal.

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The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has conducted a separate assessment of countries’ new climate promises – including India’s announcement last week that the country will be carbon-neutral by 2070. The upshot is that the new commitments made will have little impact on temperature this century and that the world It tends to rise in temperature of 2.7 degrees.

Facts: UN Climate Summit

The COP26 United Nations Climate Summit will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31 to November 12. It was supposed to take place in November last year but was postponed due to the pandemic.

At the meeting, the two countries will negotiate, among other things, how to implement the Paris Agreement in practice. Some problems in the so-called rulebook remain unresolved. In addition, the focus will be on how to increase ambitions in global climate policy.

In the 2015 Paris Agreement, most of the world agreed to keep the increase in average global temperature well below 2 degrees, and preferably less than 1.5 degrees, compared to pre-industrial times.

Parties’ promises on climate prior to COP26 indicated a global warming of 2.7 degrees at the end of the century, according to the United Nations.