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Jana's bad mood was a malignant disease  the world

Jana's bad mood was a malignant disease the world

Jana Nelson's mood swings turned out to be symptoms of early dementia.

picture: Facebook

Jana and her husband Kenny.

picture: Facebook

Five years ago, Jana Nelson's family and friends began to notice a difference in her mood.

Jana Nelson, from Idaho, had difficulty controlling her emotions, and often became angry when those close to her corrected her.

She also began to have difficulty walking, making different decisions, and repeating different questions. Jana Nelson then dismissed it as just forgetfulness.

Nelson's husband, Kenny, 55, and her psychiatrist then recommended neurological tests to determine whether she had multiple sclerosis or a brain tumor.

“I didn't realize it was this bad.”

But after a magnetic camera scan, she was told she was suffering from early-onset dementia.

– You'd think you would have noticed that something was really wrong – but I didn't realize it was that bad. Jana Nelson, a mother of two, told the Daily Mail: “I was very shocked.

The symptoms and tests were very frightening. I am a university-educated businesswoman, why can't I solve simple mathematical problems and name the different colors?

Difficult doctor's note

Jana Nelson says she was quick-witted, determined and confident before symptoms appeared in 2017. Now she can no longer go to work and says she has a “very limited vocabulary.”

– My doctor doesn't think I'll live long after I'm 60, and I'll probably need around-the-clock help at home.

But at the same time, Jana Nelson tries to look at life positively. She's considering creating a TikTok account and has also found a new community with other people who have received the same diagnosis.

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