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Jarosva Govin on leaving the pie: It will be very difficult to follow a consistent policy |  Policy

Jarosva Govin on leaving the pie: It will be very difficult to follow a consistent policy | Policy

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On Friday, June 25, three MPs left United Wright and formed their own circle. Thus, the law and the judiciary lost their majority in Sage. One of them is MP. According to Gipnyu Kyrzyzki, the decision was made in collaboration with “other organizations” and “to build trust for all who felt like pies” […] Left at one point. “In an interview RMF FM Jarosva Govin, the deputy minister and head of the contract, admitted that he was not surprised to leave the club.

Jarosva Covin leaving the Pies Club: I’m not surprised

The deputy minister stressed that circumstances such as the withdrawal of MPs from the club would weaken the right to unity and destabilize the government. However, he was already aware of the MPs’ decision.

– I am not surprised by this decision of the three members, because a few weeks ago Sibikneu Kyrgyzsky informed me about the plans to establish such a circle – said Govin. – I interpret this phenomenon in terms of the weakness of the United Right. We have lost the majority as a parliamentary body. This does not mean that we will lose votes, but it will be very difficult to follow a consistent policy. But we must learn from what happened. We need to think about why our club is shrinking – he added.

Early elections are no longer political fiction. The countdown began

“Splash at the Pie Club.” Govin: You can win votes with “attractive alliance”

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the United Right has no speech and no mutual respect. In his opinion, these were the factors that led the MPs to leave. The leader of the agreement also spoke of underestimating the importance of his party in the ruling coalition. In his view, the selection of a new ombudsman clearly shows how important the contract is to “sustainable management”.

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– There are […] Those who believed that a parliamentary majority could be formed without agreement were in the United Right camp. Without the deal, Pice was said to have 240 MPs soon. Well, we currently have 229 contracts, which is a lesson for our entire camp – said the Deputy Prime Minister.

– The referendum for the Ombudsman proved that there is no permanent parliamentary majority without agreement. With such an attractive coalition it is possible to win individual votes, in this case with some members of the coalition, otherwise with the party members together, but only a united right can form a permanent majority in this parliament. That’s why I worry about situations like yesterday’s scattering because they are an obstacle to sustainable management. Today Poland needs confirmation above all else – Govin stressed.

Planning and Election Conference of the Jaroswa Gov. Party Coalition

The two-day program and election conference of the Jarosva Govt party began at 11.00 on Saturday. On the first day of the meetings, the members of the agreement are to present the program as a result of the regional meetings held over the past two months.

Marcin Osiba, vice president of the agreement, said the party’s new plan was “a ready-made package of solutions for all areas of state life.” He added that pro-European, pro-government and pro-entrepreneurial issues would be discussed. – We want to emphasize our country’s roots in the European Union, the positive role we can play as Poland – said Osiba.

On Sunday, June 27, the second day of the conference, the new leadership of the Convention Party is to be elected. As Markin O’Shea announced to the public, Jaroslaw will reapply for the post of party leader.

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