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Jelena Wialbe: Russian game on the decline

– A year without qualifying from international competitions can put us on the edge of a valley. This gap took us ten steps back – agreed Jelena Valpe, president of the Russian Cross-Country Skiing Federation.

Olympic Games, World and European Championships multimedia winner, five-time World Cup winner, Russian Games, has bluntly agreed that a plan A and B should be prepared, depending on the world situation. – Have to handle everything. Without understanding and panic. You have to be prepared that we will only start in Russia for one more year – the 53-year-old said in an interview with the portal. விளையாட்டு.ரு.

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On March 1, the International Ski Federation (FIS) eliminated competitors from Russia and Belarus until the end of the 2021/22 season. This is in response to the Russian military offensive against Ukraine from Belarus.

Valpe said that after the sanctions were imposed, Russian skiers were left to compete with rivals from Belarus and Kazakhstan. Chinese athletes are also welcome. – Our doors are open to all. It is not possible to increase the number of national events. In our country, as in the world, big competitions are held every week – he added.

The President of the Russian Federation bitterly and rationally acknowledged that a season without competition under the auspices of the FIS would be disastrous for the Russian game. – If we do, we will be on the edge of the abyss. A missing year is ten steps back for us, she estimated.

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Valpey acknowledged that the country’s rivals for Alexander Bolshov and Natalia Nepriyava were not as strong as the international skaters. Polsunov is a three-time Olympic gold medalist from Beijing. On the other hand, Nebriazeva also stood on the Olympic stage, winning the Crystal Ball in the recently concluded season. Due to restrictions, he was unable to personally collect awards from the organizers of the WC series


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