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Jimmy Carter crashes his wife’s memorial service

Published on 2023-11-28 20.49

Former US President Jimmy Carter arrives at a memorial service for his wife, Rosalynn Carter, in Atlanta.

Democratic former US President Jimmy Carter (99 years old) was present at a memorial service for his late wife, Rosalynn Carter, on Tuesday.

It’s been a long time since Jimmy Carter has appeared in public and he looked frail when he arrived at the ceremony in a wheelchair.

Roslyn Carter died at the age of 96 earlier in November. She was then diagnosed with dementia and received end-of-life care. Her husband is also very ill and, at his request, receives only palliative care for brain and liver cancer.

In addition to Jimmy Carter, two US presidents, current President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton, attended the ceremony, which was held at Glenn Memorial Church in Atlanta. Even US First Lady Jill Biden attended — and no fewer than four former first ladies attended; Melania Trump, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have been married for more than 77 years.

As First Lady during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, 1977-1981, Rosalynn Carter took an active role, attending Cabinet meetings at the invitation of her husband. After the couple left the White House, she became an advocate for mental health, among other things.

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