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Jimmy Okeson rages against Anders Yegman after accusations of Russian ties

Anders Yegman and Jimmy Akesson are rumored together on Twitter.

The SD party leader is angry at a post about the party’s alleged Russian connections.

He writes: “Do not be shy!”.

Jimmy Okeson (SD).  photo gallery
Jimmy Okeson (SD). photo gallery

in a review from today’s news It turns out that two ex-politicians from SD have traveled to Russia To act as election observers in free elections. The party’s foreign policy spokesman, Aaron Emilson, said it was about “marginal pitfalls”, but he’s not buying the Integration and Immigration Minister Anders Geemann (s).

SD now defends its relations with Russia by saying these are “marginal pitfalls”. Is this really a marginal quandary? ‘,” wrote Yegman and shows a photo of when Okeson was interviewed by Russia’s state-controlled news agency RT.

The response of the SD leader was not long in coming:

“Don’t be shy! This is from a square meeting in Landskrona type 2010. No interview booked, they appeared among other media. Totally ugly arguing style, not befitting a minister,” Akesson wrote on Twitter.

Yegman then went on to accuse Okeson of not addressing the party’s Russian relations.

“The SDF had extensive contacts with Russia, the Russian regime, and the state-controlled propaganda media. The problem is not with the method of arguments I use, but rather that you let this go on for too long in your party,” he writes.