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Joe Biden’s outrage on Facebook: ‘They’re killing people’

Facebook in the crossfire of US President Joe Biden. When asked how he views the responsibility of social media platforms for spreading misinformation about COVID-19, he replied:

– They kill people.

Earlier on Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki also criticized Facebook’s flaws in stopping errors and fraud around the vaccine.

Why isn’t everyone involved in the work of disseminating the correct information? I asked rhetorically at a press conference according to CNN.

The White House Wants Facebook And other social media companies will have a greater responsibility to defeat disinformation on the platforms, but they will also become more transparent about the impact of misinformation.

“We constantly make sure that social media companies are aware of narratives that are harmful to public health, as we and other Americans see across all social and traditional media,” she said.

According to a study by the nonprofit Center for Combating Digital Hate, twelve people account for nearly 65 percent of all misinformation associated with a coronavirus vaccine. One of them is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.. He is a prominent figure in the anti-vaccine movement. Earlier this year, his Instagram account was closed, but his Facebook page with more than 300,000 followers is still standing. CNN.

Facebook spokesperson Kevin McAllister rejects White House criticism, and believes the study is not based on valid information.

We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by accusations that are not based on facts. The truth is that more than two billion people have seen authorized information about COVID-19 and the vaccine on Facebook, which is more than anywhere else on the Internet, he says, according to Reuters.

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According to Facebook, 3.3 million Americans have used their tools to find out where they can get vaccinated.

Facts show that Facebook helps save lives. Point, says Kevin McAllister.

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