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John Kerry: Greta Thunberg is wrong

Greta Thunberg denounces the Glasgow Climate Summit as a “two-week festival of ‘business as usual’ and ‘greenwashing’, i.e. washing people who engage in activities harmful to the environment.”

She says delegates at the summit are engaged in “blah blah blah”.

But the Swedish activist is opposed by John Kerry, the former US Secretary of State who is today the US special envoy for climate change.

Kerry is optimistic

On the contrary, he is optimistic that the Glasgow meeting will lead to positive results.

– I’m very optimistic before the end. I already had a good meeting with the Russians. Now they seem ready to move on and I think we’ve resolved a number of issues that have been difficult, John Kerry told SVT News before agreeing to the agreement.

With “difficult” questions, he points to criticism from countries like Russia and China for trying to prevent the meeting from making far-reaching statements about fossil fuels, among other things.

He adds that negotiations over funds for poor countries “appear to be settled”.

“Don’t agree with her”

When asked what he thought of Greta Thunberg’s comments about the conference, he responded to SVT News:

– I do not agree with her of course. And you’ll notice it when you finally see what happens here in the meeting.

John Kerry is one of the heaviest politicians in the United States, and in addition to being Secretary of State, he was also previously a senator and presidential candidate.

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