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Johnny Lives Near Fire: Ashes Cliff

Johnny Lives Near Fire: Ashes Cliff

Severe weather in Spain this week, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees, has led to several widespread wildfires. Hundreds of firefighters, planes and helicopters are fighting more than 30 fires in the country.

Around the town of Mijas Pueblo outside Malaga in southern Spain, a forest fire has continued in Mount Mijas since Friday, forcing more than 2,500 people to leave their homes.

sometimes impossible

Pensioner Johnny Erickson lives a few kilometers away. From his balcony overlooking the mountain, he was able to follow the sometimes impossible feat of trying to get the fire under control.

– If the wind had not calmed down as it did, she could have really gone into the woods. Jonny Erickson, who also writes for Svenska Magasinet, says the entire mountaintop was more or less on fire, and he was crawling toward the Mijas Pueblo.

During the night he continued to work hard to try to contain the fire.

– We sat last night and watched the firefighting work and saw little headlights and how motel fires were lit by the stoves to stop their spread. Johnny Erickson says they’ve done pretty well at that.

Miljasberget is located along the sunny coast above popular Swedish tourist destinations such as Miljas Pueblo, Fuengirola, Benalmádena and Torremolinos. Although few people live on the mountain, it is usually well visited due to its scenery and many hiking trails.

calm down on sunday

Around where Johnny Erickson lives, there is farmland which means his home was not in immediate danger.

– But it was full of smoke. And the ashes fell here, so we had to shovel the ashes.

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On Sunday, the rescue service, aided by the incessant bombardment of water, appeared to have brought parts of the flames under control on the mountain. But with temperatures approaching 35 degrees and dry, brittle ground, the danger is far from over.

– As now, I don’t see big clouds of smoke, but I can hear the helicopters, so it’s likely that it will take a long time to work after the extinguishing. It’s not as worrisome today as it was yesterday, says Johnny Erickson.

Helicopters and firefighting planes flew in shuttling motion to bombard wildfires on Mount Mijas on the sunny Spanish coast. Photo gallery. Photo: Gregorio Marrero