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Jussi Halla-aho resigns as True Finns Party leader

Halla-aho has led the party since 2017 and was the politician that won Most personal votes in the entire country In the local elections in Finland a week ago. Real Finns went from 8.8 percent support to 14.5 percent compared to the previous election. At the same time, the party gained 580 new seats in the country, a huge leap forward, although expectations promised an even larger increase. True Finns is the fourth largest party in Finland, and it is in opposition.

Halla-aho is a popular one But a controversial politician. He was convicted of violating Salam al-Din for his posting on a blog about Muslims, and was considered extremist in his views on immigration to the point that he Caused a government crisis When he became party leader in 2017. The crisis split the then-real Finns and the new Blue Future party continued in government, led by Foreign Minister Timo Sweeney. The real Finns ended up in opposition.

Real Finns elect a new president in August. A self-proclaimed successor to Josie Halla-ah has yet to be appointed. Recently, the party has pushed for the cause of limiting immigration to Finland, but it has also questioned several environmental policy initiatives of the current red and green government.

Halla-aho no one gave Further explanation of his resignation from the party presidency. On the other hand, he will continue as a municipal politician in Helsinki and a member of Parliament.

– You said four years ago that it is not good for the party leader to hold on tightly to his position or to grow long in this position. There is a risk of developing Kekkonen syndrome during very long presidential terms. Halla-aho told party comrades on Monday that the leader himself had begun to believe he was indispensable and irreplaceable.

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Halla-aho referred to Urho Kekkonen, who was President of Finland between 1956 and 1982.

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