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Kali "Crime story. Love story": "I have mixed feelings"

Kali “Crime story. Love story”: “I have mixed feelings”

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In February, the film “Crime Story. Love Story “- Adaptation of Kali’s novel” Crime Story “. The rapper wrote the script, and he too was cast in the lead role, but eventually his paths with the producers split, and the artist lost any control over the production. The artist, who has seen the trailer available online for several days, has finally shared his concerns about what we are going to see on screen.

I have mixed feelings. My debut novel was screened on the big screen on the one hand, and on the other hand I was disappointed and saddened to think that I had lost the opportunity to participate in production before it even started. After watching the trailer, I feel very nervous and maybe unsupported. Some time ago I read a review of a movie in which I threw everything in the fridge into a pot … Did the filmmakers show mercy to my screenplay and the story of the book? Were they able to create a dark and ruthless world of crime? Time will tell… – The rapper comments.

Here is the “Crime Story. Love Story”, Distributors Announcement:

Crime story. Love Story is the creator of the global studio’s gangster comedy – Proceedor. Crime & Wazza) They get an undeniable opportunity – to make really big money, which they plan to do as their last illegal “jump”, which will set them to life. However, “Życie” will write them a completely different script. , The main character loses his head completely for him.Love complicates everything and even a guy like Crime, who has never been caught in the trap of any woman before, has to choose the most precious and most important thing in life for him.

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Heatcliff producer Janus Ivanovsky recalled the background of the film: While reading the book “Crime Story” I repeatedly asked Kali if the circumstances he described actually happened. I do not believe that children from respectable families live like this. Kali said she had told a true story that had not yet been uncovered by the police or any other service.

Features of the film: Victoria Kisiuzka, Cesare Lukashevich, Michael Kodersky, Agnieszka Vytlocha, Malkorsata Kozuchovska, Pyotr Widkowski, Gabriela Muscola, John Fries, Cesarioz.

Crime story. Love story – True love goes directly to the heart.