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Kamil Click lost two teeth and is now after surgery.  He praised the effects of football

Kamil Click lost two teeth and is now after surgery. He praised the effects of football

Kamil Klik was one of the nominees for the next two matches of the Polish national team playing in the final play-offs of Scotland and Sweden or the Czech Republic and the World Cup. After Tuesday’s meeting, his presence at the training camp was questionable.

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Clicks catastrophic injury

In the 82nd minute of the fight between Benevento and Fresia, the Polish representative received a powerful kick from a rival who tried to hit the ball with a rollover. Glik could not continue the game. Medical services lifted him from the grass on a stretcher and then took him to the hospital.

Fortunately, the Polish defender did not lose consciousness and was still conscious. However, the effect of the blow was to lose teeth. As a result of an unfortunate blow, there were two broken teeth per click. Besides, the only effect of a head injury. Fortunately, there was no concussion, for example.

Branch after treatment

The first information about the health of an experienced Polish lawyer was provided by his wife. “Kamil is fine. Head injury, but okay. Mild shock, two teeth fell out, Gladiator did not drop. Thank you so much Kamil for your support and numerous messages” – wrote on Instagram.

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On Wednesday evening, Kamil Click posted two photos on his Instagram profile – Tuesday and Wednesday. The first photo shows incomplete teeth, which is the result of a kick, and the second Glik has a “permanent” smile. So it turns out that everything ended very happily.

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Kamil ClickKamil Click Kamil Click Instagram

Kamil ClickKamil Click Kamil Click Instagram