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Kamil Click: The dress doesn’t really count

Kamil Click commented on the team’s performance against Albania.

– We won something we wanted to win at any cost. The dress didn’t really count, we just wanted to win this match. This is what we noticed the most. We wanted to gain some confidence. Now we have two matches and we are moving forward – said Kamil Click in an interview with Marcin Fedek after the match against Albania.

One of the positive aspects of the game is the game packages. The stopwatch of the Polish national team stressed that this element was practiced before the match.

– We worked on set pieces. In football, these are the most important elements – he said.

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In addition, the third goal made the game of the Polish national team very depressing, Click said.

– The third free calmed us down a bit. After that, we wanted to play football, but not enough exercise. That mouth put us to sleep a little. These are the moments when we need to work – he explained.

At the start of the match, Click was brutally beaten by an opponent. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to our defender.

– This is the gateway to the orange card. Fortunately, this is only a small smash – he said.

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