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Klimatoro stops all new roads in Wales

The road construction that has begun must be allowed to be completed, but all other road projects will be suspended indefinitely. The idea is to use the money instead to expand public transportation, bike paths, and maintain existing road networks.

Since 1990 Wales has reduced emissions by 31 per cent. But to achieve the net-zero emissions target by 2050, we must do much more. Over the next 10 years, we must double the emissions reductions we have achieved so far. It means change in all areas of our lives. Transport accounts for 17% of our emissions and so they should have a role in that, Wales Climate Minister Lee Waters said on Tuesday. Watchman.

Parliament Senedd It is located in the Welsh capital Cardiff, which has a population of about 350,000 and is one of several coastal cities at risk of being completely or partially inundated if sea levels rise as feared, due to climate change.

However, the Conservative opposition in Wales is highly critical of the Labor government’s decision.

After 22 years in power, Labor governments have failed to expand a working road network. They have failed everyone who uses the roads. Transport routes are a lifeline for all domestic and international trade, says Tory shadow minister Natasha Asghar, whose government allies in London instead want to invest more in electric cars and charging stations across the country.

Conservative shadow minister Natasha Asghar is critical of the decision to halt all new road construction in Wales.

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Wales is very weak today floods, and the situation is expected to worsen in the coming decades. Based on the United Nations climate reports and British official statistics do Welsh authorities It is estimated that sea level in Cardiff will rise by between 21 and 68 centimeters by 2095.

The scale reflects uncertainty about how much climate change will affect sea levels – something critics say risks leading to unnecessary concerns. But a 2 decimeter rise would put large parts of central Cardiff underwater, according to one of them interactive map الخريطة It was developed by Climate Central.

The situation is similar in other coastal cities, where about 60 per cent of Wales’ population of just over three million lives. Authorities invest large sums each year in flood protection systems, but coastal erosion makes this a challenge. The number of people living in homes at high risk of flooding is therefore expected to increase from 65,000 currently to 115,000 in 2035.

When was Cardiff made? In the 19th century, the city was an important coal-transporting port. But the Welsh capital is now trying to ditch fossil fuels.

However, it is not only Wales that could be hit hard by sea level rise. In England, coastal cities such as Hull, Blackpool and Portsmouth are in the danger zone, and the capital, London, is also likely to be hit hard in the long run if the Thames floods its banks.

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