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Krakow.  A storm struck a giant beach in Blondie

Krakow. A storm struck a giant beach in Blondie

A strong wind that had been blowing for several days in Malopolska knocked down a large red-leafed peach in the largest tree in this unusual city park, Blondie.

Opposite the building and gardens of the Archaeological Museum, a tree known to the residents of Krakow grew in an area of ​​the plant called the Bat Garden near Bat Mountain. It was very branching. It was 27 meters high and its trunk circumference was over 4 meters. Giant Beach has been a nature monument since 2012.

“The red peach has fallen, the most beautiful tree in the whole perimeter of the plant. The monument of nature. A strong man, it would seem. The fungus ate the roots and the wind added its own. I will not tell. A moral story, this is a pity!

Peach has been weak for a long time. Its roots were attacked by a dangerous fungus, the giant fan, which e.g. Circulation of water and mineral salts. City Green Board staff in Krakow tried to save the tree. Additionally watering and trimming its branches so that they do not place too much load on the tree.

It is not yet known what kind of tree will be planted where the peach fell. The maintenance of the plant will be decided by the custodian of the monuments.

The peach tree was enjoyable, especially in the winter.

Jigmund Butt / Wikipedia


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