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Kryzhikova interrupted the conference.  The tears fell.  "I broke up" Tennis

Kryzhikova interrupted the conference. The tears fell. “I broke up” Tennis

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The defender of the title has struggled to recover in recent weeks. He has not played in Doha since February with an elbow injury. As is already known, he was not exactly ready for the Grand Slam in Paris. He lost to Diane Barry 6: 1, 2: 6, 3: 6 in the first round.

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The runner-up in the rankings was eliminated

– This is a tough game. I was expecting. I think tennis is not bad. Was physically ill. But I knew I had to start playing again somewhere. What happened here is so bad. I have never played in a game before Roland Karros – said Krezzhikova, currently ranked second in the WTA. Barry, 19, is the 97th world tennis player.

– I started this meeting well, but it was hard. I do not play in tournaments and tournaments are different from training. I’m broken. I felt physically ill when we started playing long swaps. Over time, I started to get late to the balls. Then the competition changed. However, I am satisfied with the position of my elbow. I did not feel any pain, it was positive. I want to progress in the next matches – he added.

The Russian Grandmaster will play for Poland. “We gladly accepted her request.”

The Czech woman struggled to answer the next question. Tears first appeared in her eyes. She admitted that she was not sure if she would have appeared in Paris if not for defending the title. “But in this situation, I do not want to lose this match,” she broke her voice.

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Defender of the title tears

– I do not know what to do in a week. I have been thinking for over six weeks. There was a surgical option I refused. I do not like her. I was looking for other solutions. I am glad the doctors helped me. I thought I would never come to Roland Corros, but I did, and am glad to be here anyway, he said.

After a few minutes Krezhchikova began to cry nicely. She asked the presenter to retire at the press conference. Returning after a long time, he only answered questions from Czech reporters.

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