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Krzysztof Piątek is already in the new club!  Today he is due to sign after a medical examination.Football

Krzysztof Piątek is already in the new club! Today he is due to sign after a medical examination.Football

Two years after Hertha was transferred to Berlin in January, Krzysztof Piątek scored just 12 goals in the Bundesliga. He has scored only once this season and has played in nine games. However, he only spent 345 minutes on the pitch. He became a reserve, initially he was supposed to be the new star of the Berliners. However, the pole did not fit into the plans of the Berliners’ new coach, Typhoon Corquin, so he decided to return to Italy to sign a contract with Fiorentina.

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The best transfer of the Polish footballer. “He’s been out of the league for a while.”

If he passes the medical examination ahead of Thursday, Fiorentina will lend him money by the end of the season. The potential purchase amount is EUR 15-17 million.

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Fiorentina are currently the seventh Italian Serie A team to score 32 points in the first half of the tournament, sixth behind Roma and two less than Juventus. The player for this team is Polish goalkeeper Bartomij Trekowski, and in 2015-17 Artemio Franஞ்சois was led by former coach of the Polish national team Paulo Sosa.

Five crazy lives

In July 2018, Piątek joined Serie A as an anonymous (for Italian fans) striker. Within six months, he had become the highest-scoring candidate in the league, so in January 2019 Milan bought him for 35 35 million, which is 30 more than what Krakows earned. Initially, in Milan, he was delighted.

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He was in the series (scoring 30 goals in all competitions), however Rossoneri had terrible problems creating action. However, in January last year, Sladen Ibrahimovic arrived and San Siro became too tight for both strikers. Much because the pole is stuck. It’s time to prove that the beginning of his Italian adventure was not just a crazy chapter, and that Piątek can continue to score goals.