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Kuba Wozniacki: Former Prime Minister Rabbi Collins will fight back

Kuba Wozniacki: Former Prime Minister Rabbi Collins will fight back

  • Guests of the final episode of Kuba Vozhevatsky’s Casimir Markinwich, Rafa Collins and OIO
  • Markinwich and Collins revealed that they would stand in the ring fighting against each other during a charity boxing exhibition.
  • Former Prime Minister Collins revealed how he knew the brothers and why he decided to attend such an event
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In the first part of the project, Casimiers Markinwich and Rafa Collins sat on Kuba Wozniacki’s bed. This link is not accidental – The Collins Brothers Foundation is organizing the event on June 2 this year. Charity Boxing Fight, When Rafas Collins and Casimierz Markinwich will stand in front of each other in the ring.

Kuba welcomed me Former Prime Minister However, officially, he also replied “Hi Kuba” Congratulations to the journalist who adapted the American show for Polish television. Further, He proposed Cuba to become yours, The host of the show accepted with a smile.

The conversation centered on a planned martial arts exhibition. Where did the idea of ​​electing a Prime Minister for boxing come from? How did the Collins brothers persuade him?

Wojciech joked:

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Rafa Collins responded:

Kuba also asked the former Prime Minister “What happened in the head of Casimir MarkinwiczIs he going too deep into the world of show business? “.

The former Prime Minister replied:

He added that as well He knows Rafas from London. One of Collins’ brothers worked in a dishwasher at a restaurant where the former prime minister visited after leaving the country. After many years of introduction, when the brothers leading the foundation offered him an opportunity to participate in a charity event, he willingly agreed. Nevertheless, he mentioned it Until recently boxing was the last sport he thought of, However, after training, she starts liking him.

Markinovich with Vozzevsky on the political situation in the country

The fight with Prime Minister Markinwich Rafa Collins will be last during the show, but it should not be too important. Among the fighters will be other famous names and professional fighters. Rafa noticed it Poland needs non-professional fights, i.e. “freak fight”. The whole event will be organized in retro style – T-shirts, gloves and decorations representing the 1930s. The money raised during the exhibition will be allocated to further implement the “Color Your Dreams” project.

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Wozniacki asked Markinwicz if he was distorting reality too much by attending an event like this. After all, he still works in a bank, in a serious state, where it is not welcomed, such a mixture of worlds. Casimierz Markinwich quickly disarmed this argument With the statement:

The former Prime Minister also gave a brief overview of the current political situation in the country:

“So we d *** e?”, Kuba asked. “Yes, we organize ourselves in it”, Casimiro confirmed Markinwich.

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