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“liar!”  Harsh talk between Trump's rivals

“liar!” Harsh talk between Trump's rivals

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley focused on attacking each other during the fifth live debate, held in Des Moines, the final showdown before the state's first Republican caucuses on Monday.

Haley began unveiling a new website to track DeSanti's “lies,” an accusation that has since become widespread. De Santis responded with at least as much ferocity:

We don't need another politician telling you in floating terms what she thinks you want to hear, just so she can control the office and mind the business of her donors.

Instead, Trump, who declined to participate in debates because of his huge lead in the polls, appeared around town as he was questioned on Fox News.

Trump was allowed to calmly answer questions, including about previous statements he made that his second term as president would be about taking revenge on his enemies.

Trump replied that he wouldn't have time for that.

He said – the ultimate reward is success.

The only Republican candidate whose campaign focused entirely on stopping Trump is former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who dropped out just hours before the debate.

Christie was not qualified to debate, nor was businessman Vivek Ramaswamy.

Former President Donald Trump did not participate in the debate, and was instead questioned on Fox News across the city. Photo: Carolyn Custer/AP/TT

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