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Light over Sweden and Norway: ‘The whole sky is melting’

A bright glow was seen over large parts of Sweden and Norway during Sunday night.

– It was a big orange object that fell into the sky for maybe five or six seconds. Then it flashed several times and the whole sky melted, as an eyewitness says in Mendel.

It may have been a meteorite that crashed somewhere south of Oslo, according to a Norwegian astronomer.

Readers from large parts of western and central Sweden contacted Aftonbladet about a fireball that appeared in the sky shortly after 01:00.

In addition to the observation from Munkedal, Aftonbladet has received reports on light from Dalarna, Värmland, Närke, Sörmland, Uppland and Östergötland, among others.

Many witnesses saw orange – others green, blue or white.

SOS Alarm confirms that multiple alert calls have been made to the number 112.

– A caller from Säffle said something about a meteor in the sky. There are many conversations with a focus in western Sweden that seem to revolve around the same thing. Some say they saw an emergency missile, says team leader Patrick Svenson.

Then Norwegian witnesses heard

The phenomenon of light was also seen in large parts of southern Norway and caused many alarm calls, Norwegian police announce on Twitter.

A reporter for the Norwegian newspaper VG described the fireball being followed by thunder-like thunder.

– It’s probably a meteorite. Per Iversen, a police officer on duty in Oslo, tells the newspaper: We have received calls from many callers and our staff have reported this.

Norwegian astronomer Morten Billet saw the globe with his own eyes.

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– There were two bright lights. After about 20-30 seconds I heard the explosion. There is no doubt that this is a large rock that entered the atmosphere, Aftonbladet told.

Likely precipitation south of Oslo

None of the Swedish eyewitnesses heard any bangs related to the light. This leads Morten Billet to conclude that the space rock hit Norway.

I wish she had landed on land and not in the sea so we could find her. He says he may have settled somewhere south of Oslo.

This theory is supported by an observation from Larvik, just over 50 km south of the capital.

– She walked very fast between light and explosion. Maybe a few seconds, says Halvor Svening, 39, who was driving.

Enables to save the movie from the car camera. In the images, which Aftonbladet has permission to publish, it can be seen how the sky flashed several times before the fireball appeared to completely disintegrate on 01.08.54.

Halvor Svening, 39, was driving in Larvik, south of Oslo.  Enables to save meteor images from car camera.

Halvor Svening, 39, was driving in Larvik, south of Oslo. Enables to save meteor images from car camera.

Photo: Special

Halvor Svenning in broad daylight.

Photo: Special