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MacBook Pro 2021: Users complain about SD card issues

For years, Apple has developed its MacBook Pro models according to the basic principle: the less, the better – at least when it comes to a variety of connections. In the end, expensive, noble laptops only got two Thunderbolt USB-C ports and a jack socket — dongles and adapters should do the rest. Fans of the Californian company couldn’t avoid feeling literally deceived in the face of this justification mania. Then in 2021, the unexpected turn: With new MacBook Pro models in 14- and 16-inch formats, Apple dared to step back and bring back a slew of connections — including the SD card slot.

MacBook Pro 2021 not recognizing some SD cards

Much missed by Apple users, the SD card reader makes it possible to quickly exchange large amounts of data on an extremely compact data carrier. He’s back now, but the joy of being back didn’t last long. like the site I mentioned accumulate in Internet forums and comment columns about the SD card slot in the new MacBook Pro models. Accordingly, some cards on Apple laptops do not seem to work or only work in a very limited range. According to the report, the built-in card reader does not recognize many SD cards at all or after a very long wait. Other users have reported very slow data transfer rates.

Older cards affected in particular?

Some of the sufferers did extensive testing using different card templates to find out the problem. However, no one has yet been able to discern a clear pattern indicating which SD cards are causing problems for the MacBook Pro 2021. In fact, the error does not appear to occur with an external card reader connected to the device, so it appears that Apple devices have a problem. Some users believe that they have identified a link between the capacity of the cards and the problem. Accordingly, older SD cards with less than 128GB of storage in particular may cause problems. Opinion from Apple on this matter is still pending.

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