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Macron and Johnson agree: Step up efforts after tragedy

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have agreed to “intensify joint efforts to prevent these deadly crossings and do everything in their power to stop the gangs responsible for endangering human lives,” according to a Reuters statement. .

Leaders agree on the importance of also working with Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as other countries across Europe, to stop similar tragedies before they have time for them to occur.

Inflatable boat crash – 27 people died

A rubber boat full of migrants sank on Wednesday on its way from France to Britain. 27 people died, including women and children. Five suspected human traffickers have been arrested.

After the incident, senior politicians from France and Britain expressed their sadness, dismay and pity. But soon nations began to blame each other for the tragedy.

Boris Johnson, as has happened many times before, accused France of not doing enough in the fight against illegal immigration. Emmanuel Macron responded by expecting cooperation from Britain and warned the country against using the tragic situation for “political purposes”.

Tensions between Paris and London

France had previously refused when Britain wanted to send police and security forces to patrol the canal. Although French police have so far prevented more crossings than in previous years, they have only partially stopped the flow of migrants who want to reach Britain. It is one of the many sources of tension between Paris and London, according to Reuters.

On Wednesday, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin took the opportunity to criticize Britain’s immigration system. He then pointed out that illegal immigration should be seen as an international problem. Macron called for more shared responsibility within the European Union and called for more money for the European coast and Frontex border guards.

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