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Magorsata Socha showed his brother.  He is a very handsome man, what a resemblance to the star of friends!  "Like Twins" - Super Express

Magorsata Socha showed his brother. He is a very handsome man, what a resemblance to the star of friends! “Like Twins” – Super Express

Author: Eastern News
Magorsata Socha with his brother

Magorzatta Socha is not only an outstanding star of the “Bryazysky” series, but above all – the brave mother of three children, who was raised with her husband – Kristoff Vinevsky. The actress often talks about her children and appears in photos with them on Instagram. During this time, Morsata Socha showed that he had a very close relationship with his brother. It turned out that Pyotr Socha was an extraordinary beauty. When we look at him, we see a great resemblance to the “friends” star. What a beautiful sibling! In our gallery we present photos of Morsatta Socha and his brother.

Magorsatta Socha is a very family person. For many women, the star “Brizaczek” is an example of a Polish mother. The 41-year-old actress is the mother of Sosia, Pasia and Stowe. The only difference between the eldest daughter and the youngest is five years. One of the most professionally active and most popular Polish actresses. In addition, he can boast of nearly a million followers on his profile on Instagram. This is where Magorzatta Socha showed his brother. He did this … Father’s Day. “Three great fathers I know in one photo: my dad, my husband and my brother” – The actress wrote the title for the photo. It turned out that Magorzatta Socha’s brother was an extraordinarily handsome man. See photos of the “friends” star with his brother in our gallery.

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Magorzatta Socha has always had a great relationship with his brother. Despite the significant age difference, the actress treated him almost like a twin! – My father was a military pilot, he respected discipline and order and believed that someone at home should follow different rules, for example, children and fish have no voice. In fact, I owe it to my brother that I remember my childhood well. He is nine years old. I was close to him, he understood me well because he looked at my embarrassments, he often saw himself, he played with me, he closed me when there was such a need. He and his girlfriend took me to the cinema. Our parents always formed a common front towards us, so we came together to balance ourselves. It was a great play for me when he left his family home. I was through it a lot, we were like twins – recalled in an interview with “Bani” magazine, the star of the series “Brizacski”.