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Major floods in China – thousands evacuated

An unusually heavy rainstorm that peaked on Tuesday has caused river banks to burst, flood streets and bring traffic to a complete standstill in densely populated Henan Province. On Tuesday, about 200 mm of rain fell in just one hour in the central parts of the province.

According to the state news agency Xinhua News Agency More rain is expected on Wednesday and 100,000 people have been evacuated. At least 15 people were killed. According to meteorologists, it is the worst rainstorm in a thousand years, Reuters writes.

Pictures like Hong Kong Free Press Posted on youtube by him immersion metro system In the provincial capital, Zhengzhou, witness to the horror as water continued to rise inside the wagons and at the stations. Thousands of soldiers and firefighters were deployed to the rescue effort and helped evacuate those in need.

to me Shanghai Daily, which lists a number of other consequences of the storm, the aluminum plant in Dengfeng also exploded due to rainy weather.

Traffic was still paralyzed on Wednesday morning, and power was cut off to a hospital with 7,000 beds.

Water tank in Zhengzhou The danger of an explosion as well as a large dam in Luoyang city of seven million, 150 km west of Zhengzhou. It is said that this dam could collapse “at any time” and evacuations have begun in the area, where three people are said to have died in the storm, TT writes.

Henan Province is twice the size of Austria and has a population of about 94 million.

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