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"Mare of Easttown" with viewers recording its first day on HBO

“Mare of Easttown” with viewers recording its first day on HBO

The “May of Easttown” series debuted on the HBO GO platform on Monday, April 19th. The series with Kate Winslet in the lead role is the second best debut of the HBO MAX product in two weeks, as announced by the network. As a result, the series “The Never” beat her, attracting just 1.4 million viewers on April 12.

“Mere of Easttown” – What is the show about?

The series tells the story of Murray Sheehan, a small town police officer in Pennsylvania. History explores the darker sides of a close-knit community and seeks to analyze how family and past tragedies can define our present.

“Mere of Easttown” cast

In the lead role of the series “May of Easttown”, let’s see an award winner. Oscar, Emmy and four Golden Globes, Kate Winslet (HBO series “Mildred Pierce”). Other roles:

  • Julianne Nicholson (HBO’s “outsider”) as Lori Rose, Marie’s childhood best friend;
  • Three Emmy Jean Smart Awards (nominated for this role for her role in the HBO series “Watchmen”) Marin’s mother Helen;
  • Angory Rice as Mario’s teenage daughter Sioban Sheehan (“Black Mirror” series);
  • Evan Peters (American Horror Story), as Detective Colin Jabal, calls on Meru to help with his investigation;
  • Richard Ryan as Guy Pierce (MP and Golden Globe nominee for his role in the HBO series “Mildred Pierce”);
  • Kaylee Spani (Devs) Erin McMennamin, an alienated young man living with her explosive father;
  • David Denman (“Outcast”) as Frank Sheehan, Murray’s ex-husband;
  • Patrick Murnie as Erin’s father Kenny McMahon (seven seconds);
  • James McCarttle (“Ammonite”) as Deacon Mark Burton; Sossie Bacon (HBO’s Here and Now) as Gary Laden, Drew’s mother and Kevin’s ex-girlfriend;
  • Joe Debate as Lori’s high school girlfriend and husband John Rose (“The Act”);
  • Neil Huff (HBO’s The Law of the Street) as Marin’s cousin, father of Don Hastings.
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Premiere of the series “May of Easttown”

“May of Easttown” premiered on HBO GO and HBO on April 19. More will be added to the HBO GO operating system every week at 04:00. There are 7 episodes in the series.

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