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Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize Can Be Stopped

Filipino journalist Maria Ressa plans to travel to Norway to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, which she was awarded jointly with Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov.

Maria Ressa is now at Harvard in Boston, USA, on a trip for which she has received court approval. She has to apply to travel because she was convicted of cyberbullying last year – a ruling seen by the outside world as an attack on press freedom and a way to intimidate and silence the media.

Risa has the latest Apply for approval to travel directly from the US to Norway. This has been appealed by Philippine Prosecutor General Jose Calida, who believes that receiving the Nobel Peace Prize cannot be classified as an urgent or necessary journey, writes the Rappler news channel, of which Maria Ressa herself is CEO.

“Her frequent criticism of Filipino legal procedures in the international community shows her disrespect for the legal system, which means there is always a risk that she will flee,” said Jose Calida, who was signed by twelve assistant prosecutors.

Risa took a trip to Harvard to give a lecture and to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family who live in the USA. Rappler wrote that she had previously submitted an application for travel for similar reasons but had been rejected – the first time it had been approved after the Nobel Peace Prize was announced.

Founded by Maria Ressa The independent news site Rappler has been around for about nine years. Rappler has scrutinized the Philippine government and not least President Rodrigo Duterte. Ressa and Rappler were subjected to verbal and legal assaults and threats, for example, of visits to the editorial office.

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The Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded in Oslo on December 10. The award was given to Maria Ressa and Dmitriy Muratov, among others, on the grounds that they have devoted their lives to protecting the democratically necessary freedom of expression which is also a prerequisite for a lasting peace.

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