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Mario Party 4 – The Classic Test (GC) –

Party games are the virtual version of “Mensch ärgere dich nicht”: four participants take turns moving their characters across a board and playing mini-games in each round. You win gold coins with which you buy stars: Whoever has the most rounds after a predetermined number of rounds wins.

Designed by Hudson Mario Party 4 As a birthday party: In story mode, you choose one of eight Nintendo heroes and play against guests, such as Koopa, Boo, and Toad. For every victory there is a gift that Mario, Luigi & Co. store in their room: a sofa, a TV, or a vase – as in Super Smash Bros. Millie Unfortunately, these prizes have no fun benefit. The only thing really exciting is the multiplayer mode, where you roll the dice with three guys or individually select 50 new mini-games: whether skydiving, Russian roulette or penalty shootouts, there is a challenging system for every taste. You play against everyone, alone, in a team or as a lone fighter against three. Hudson has improved the five game boards where a lot happens: with huge mushrooms, you can steal coins from your opponents, and you can also buy teleports and ride shortcuts on dolphins.

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